Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Growing, Growing, Growing

Today Christian was seen for his 9 month checkup although he is only a little over 8 months. (I'm not sure why they scheduled it this early! Sorry Meghan and Andrea, I think those ladies that work the front desk are the rudest, un-friendliest human beings. And, I swear, I'm about to switch to our family doctor! They are so snotty! Anyways, the visit went great...Christian had a three hour nap prior to the appointment, so by the time we got back into the room, he was a wild child! Flipping and flopping all over the table, tearing the paper off the "bed", kicking, laughing, talking, etc! I don't know where all that excitement was about! Everytime the nurse would even glance at him, he was smiling and putting on a show of some sort! They loved him! He weighed in at 18 lbs. A 3 1/2 weight gain since the 6 month checkup. He is 28 inches long, in which that went up by 2 inches since his last visit! 75th percentile baby! He is very slender, but totally solid, and long! I asked about his eating habits and she gave us some tips and advice. I'll try the Yobaby yogurt this evening. He was a trooper after his Hep B immunization. Daddy had his crunchies in hand. He let out a very loud scream, and then Daddy comforted him. He always loves a crunchie! I wanted to take a pic while at the doctor's office but of course, I forgot the dang camera.

After his appointments, we have made it a ritual to eat lunch at Five Guys on State Street. If you haven't been there, it's the best burger in town. No joke. It's definitely worth a try. Christian slept the entire time, so Rob and I had a peaceful lunch together.

We had to go to Wal-Mart too of course. The one stop shop for everything. Rob and I enjoy browsing around though. We never manage to spend less than 150 on a single visit! I got some Yobaby Yogurt. Thanks Meghan for even telling me about it! Andrea-thanks for suggesting it. While writing this blog, Christian started throwing a fit. So, I tried the yobaby yogurt. He literally LOVED it and when he had ate the WHOLE container, he screamed for more. We settled for sweet potatoes and chicken. He wasn't having that though!

Once again, I was cancelled for work. On any given night, I'm super thrilled for that! But not when my paycheck comes! Rob laughs at me because everytime they call to cancel I get thrilled! Thank goodness he has a good job and doesn't get cancelled! Ha! Tonight is American Idol and its about to come on, so I gotta run!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day and Rob's Birthday!

Easter was spent with both sides of our families. First we went to My Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs...and then off to Rob's Mom's House. It was nice to get to see the ones that were at each. We ate great food all day, it was nice! We finally arrived home around 6pm. I guess all that good food got to us, we all 3 took a 3 1/2 hour nap! A few pics from my Grandma's...

My Aunt Cindy...She's a favorite!!

My Brother Danny and I. I don't think he knew how to tie the tie, or else, he thought he was cool leaving it like this...It was like this the entire day...LOL. Love you Brother.

Our attempt of a decent family picture! (Loving the 70's pic of my G'ma and G'pa in the background...Ha!)

My silly Cousin Meg, Christian, and I

Grandma Pat with 2 of the 9 GREAT Grandbabies! Korrina and Christian...

Ooo Mommy can we have Mashed Taters again!! No puking these up! He devoured two big spoonfuls!

This is at home right before he got his Easter basket from the Easter bunny...

I LOVE this pic! I was bringing the basket to him! He was so excited!

The Easter bunny had a special delivery for him. An Elmo book all the way from Florida! (Thanks Mamaw and Papaw!)

(Notice in this pic his left foot...He HATES to have socks on. I had just got him dressed and this was MAYBE five minutes later...already trying to weasel his foot out of it!)

Daddy you aren't getting any of my Easter Candy! Aka...Gerber snacks!

He got some new Fruit punch juice to try, Gerber Crunchies, yogurt melts, wheels, Fisher Price stacker, Elmo book, Elmo Live (Which we gave him about a month ago! Absolutely LOVES IT!!), Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs gave him some Loot for his piggy bank, and Mamaw Frances got him an easter basket filled with goodies, and also some moolah. GiGi (Rob's Mom) got him some books too! Only 8 months and made out like a champ!

Out of everything, He enjoyed the 0.39 cent grass the most...go figure! But before bed we sat down to read, "In Elmo's Easter Parade." We needless to say read it three times. He's so content and really just sits on your lap like he's a big kid. It's kinda scary how well behaved he is. I'm nervous about the next one...He/She might be a Hellion!! <--(Is that even a word? Or just some Country saying?! ha, who knows!)

After our nap, Daddy and Christian finished assembling the Entertainment Center. Check out my little Carpenter...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Date Night!

Rob's cousin, Tia is home from Ball State and wanted to spend some time with Christian, so we took advantage of the offer and had "Date Night!" Rob turns the big 2-6 tomorrow, so we celebrated together tonight since tomorrow is filled with Easter festivities!

We had dinner at Red Lobster. I had NEVER been there, and I really enjoyed it. We sat in the bar area, which we never do! But it was kind of fun in a weird way. I felt like we were really "Living on the Edge!" Haha! Funny how things change over time. Who knew! We even ordered an appetizer. Something we only do on "special" occasions! LoL!

After eating, we were on a hunt for a new entertainment center. The one we have does the job, but it's not very sturdy. And, I've never really liked it because it's open and you can see all the wires. Since Christian has just started crawling, it was time to invest in something a little more secure. We also set out to buy some items to "baby-proof" our place. We started at Target, but ended up deciding to check Wal-Mart out before making the purchase.

At Wal-Mart we found one we fell in love with ironically. It had a closed back that would hide all the wires/cords, a shelf for the Xbox, cable box, Wii, and surround sound. It also had two drawers that would be perfect for video games and controllers! (One of my pet peeves is the controllers laying everywhere!) It was also the dark brown or espresso, which one day I hope to have all our furniture in that color.

So, after making the decision to buy it, Rob searches for a salesman. He returns about five minutes later with the most trailer-trash-hillbilly-country-talking lady I have ever seen! Surprise, they don't have any more in stock. We even offered to take the display with minor scratches and all, but she "Can't sell us that cause then they woodn't have one for display when they get their shipment in."
So we thanked her for her time and she walked off.

"I'm pretty sure my IQ just decreased just by talking to that lady!"-Rob

So needless to say, we didn't get the one that was the perfect fit, but we did manage to get one that was decent for 140 dollars less.

Some may think our date night was lame, but we both enjoyed our time alone. We didn't rush around, we got to browse the aisles, and we laughed the whole night. It was a much needed night for the both of us!

After we were done shopping, we went to pick Christian up. He must have had a good time because he didn't even wake up when I took him out of the car seat! He almost never does that. Thanks Tia for watching him. We hope you guys had fun playing together!

I'm off to bed for now...Easter is tomorrow and I don't want to be tired! Happy 26th Birthday Babe!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back in February...

Christian and I were able to fly into Tampa to visit my Mom and Stepdad. I had been planning this trip since Christmas, but my Mom was not aware of anything. She turned the big 5-0 on February 22. I couldn't think of a more better gift than arriving with her grandbaby boy! (My birthday is 7 days before hers, so I asked Rob to buy me a plane ticket to go see her!)

The plan was to have my Grandma and Grandpa (Who also live in Florida during the Winter months) pick Christian and I up from the airport and then head to a restaurant where my Mom and Stepdad would be thinking they were just having dinner with Grandma and Grandpa, and then we would be there! I was so excited by the time February came, I couldn't resist telling Mom. I also wanted to tell her so she could get off work while we visited. And luckily, she got to spend the entire 7 days with us!

Dave and Mom picked us up from the airport. I don't think my Mom realized I was there until after about thirty minutes! As soon as we got off the plane, she was absorbed with Christian! I had to say, "Hi, Mom. It's good to see you too!" We all got a good laugh out of that!

These pics are backwards, but I'll explain...(Still trying to figure this stuff out!)

On one of our many shopping days, my Mom found this cute little infant hat. This pic was taken the day after we got home though.Papaw Dave loved taking Christian for strolls around the neighborhood in the evenings! Here they are playing...

Unfortunately, we didn't get to go to the beach. It was only about 65 degrees the week we visited and it was windy. (I know, I went to Florida without going to the beach! Crazy huh?!) In case the sun was shining bright, Christian was prepared!

I think my Mom fed Christian everything he wasn't supposed to have! While visiting I think he had his first bite of mashed taters, Dairy Queen ice cream cake, My Mom's famous "Pink Stuff" aka "Pink Delight". (Mmmm, its so yummy! Marshmellows, cherry powdered jello, cottage cheese, and nuts if you choose. Sounds gross, but really its Delicious!) And pretty much every night he had some form of ice cream!

Mmmm Mamaw! It's so good!

Mom would alternate bites giving him one and then herself. Christian would open his mouth everytime it was her turn too! He did not want to share! It was adorable.

I think our routine wore Mamaw out! Waking up at 3am for a bottle everynight and a midnight diaper change was obviously not part of her routine! But, she was a trooper. I don't think she slept more than 3-4 hours each night we were there, because she wanted to spend every minute she could with him. He quickly became spoiled even more! When we returned home, I didn't know whose kid I had! He had to be rocked to sleep, he hated the swing, and by gosh if you even thought about eating something without him, he would throw a fit! Thanks Mom ;)

Our 7 days went by really fast. I'm not quite sure why I didn't snap more pictures than this, but for some reason I guess it slipped my mind. It was a wonderful time bonding with my Mom and I know she enjoyed every minute we were there. Papaw and Mamaw did not walk into a store without buying "something" for Christian. He came home with more books, toys, and clothes than we knew what to do with! By the way Mom, He loves his "Elmo Loves You" book! (I can't wait to see him with his Easter basket tomorrow and we get to read his new Easter Elmo book!)

I thought we were going to have to have an extra suitcase to get it all home! I kept reminding Mom we had to get on an airplane and fly back home!

We didn't do too much but we managed to go shopping about everyday. One day we went to a fantastic seafood restaurant called, "Anna Maria." I really enjoyed that! We were able to just spend time together at home and not have to be rushed anywhere. That was so nice. We just hung out most days. Mom and I watched several movies together while Christian napped. Some of them were Roscoe Jenkins, P.S. I Love You, and my favorite, Mamma Mia! <----Loved this!

Before we knew it, it was time to board the plane, Mom and I hugged and kissed, both with our eyes filled with tears not knowing when the next time we would see each other again. That was a really hard moment for myself. But, I had to quickly gain composure because I was about to embark on a two hour flight with a 6 month old! We made it to Indy and Rob was there to pick us up from the airport. He managed to get a $116.00 dollar ticket on his way there. (I guess he was so anxious to see his lady and little man, he got caught speeding ;) Sure didn't matter that we saved $90.00 to fly in/out of Indy, huh?!

Thanks Mom and Dave for a wonderful visit. Hopefully we'll all three be able to return sometime soon! We love you guys so much and wish there was a way to hang out more often!

Friday, April 10, 2009


When I have things to get finished, such as dishes, laundry, cleaning...I always sit him up with his boppy behind him and he watches "Sprout." He could watch this for hours...Thank goodness its somewhat educational. As I was messing around in the kitchen I was watching him. He rolled over and laid his head down just like this. It was so precious.


One of the most precious moments...I think it is so cute when he holds his bottle. I know this might seem minor, but I know I'll look back on this one day and wonder where the time went! He is showing so much independence lately, I have caught myself tearing up. He doesn't need Mommy to hold his bottle any longer, he doesn't need Mommy at his side to help him sit up...but he will always let me read to him and rock him. When he grows out of that stage, I'm not sure what I'll do. We bond all day long, but I think we both sleep better after a little bedtime story, and I put him into his crib and he's already sleeping...

It's hard to believe that his first birthday is in four months. Where did the time go?!

A week...and SOO many milestones!

Ok, So I haven't quite figured how to arrange this blog...and I had already typed what is below so it is a little out of order! The above picture, I couldn't help but laugh, you can't see his right hand, but he happens to be playing with his "boy parts!" Just like a man already huh....

Well, I've managed to let a week slip by without any posts. I am kind of angry at myself for doing that. I put this off for months because I wanted to be able to post to it often, and already I'm behind. So, this post might be longer than usual.

So many things have happened in a week. Christian amazes us so much. About two nights ago, Rob was playing Guitar Hero (I don't think he will ever outgrow these video games), and Christian was watching him. I was in the room, busy with something else I'm sure. But, all of a sudden I glanced over to Christian, and there he was sitting like a big boy watching his Dad play the game...but the best part he was so happy about it he started clapping! Now, anytime we say, "Yayyy!!!" he will clap. It is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.

This week has been really hard as far as feeding the little guy. He is teething, and I've tried just about everything from teething rings frozen, cool, room temperature, teething tablets, orajel swabs, plain baby orajel, etc. The teething tablets seem to work the best, but of course it's only temporary. According to our food chart for him, he is supposed to be eating a stage II dinner, vegetable, fruit, and 4-6 oz's of juice plus his 4-6 bottles. Starting out he loved the vegetables. Then the fruit, but lately he won't eat any of it. And, he definitely will not drink the juice. We've tried every sippy cup on the market, nor will he drink it from the bottle. He has taken interest in the juice one time and it was White grape juice. I bought some Juicy Juice yesterday, so we're gonna give that a try today. He is very interested while Rob and I are eating. We decided to give him some mashed taters, and he loved them. I was excited he was eating anything at that point. But about 10 minutes into it, he exorcist puked them all back up. Nice, huh. So much for the taters! When we attempt to give him baby food, the kind he had no problem eating previously, he acts like it gags him, LOL. But hand the kid a "Crunchie" (Gerber's over expensive version of a Cheeto) and the kid will suck and gum it til theres nothing left and never gag once! Spoiled Rotten? Yes. Stubborn? Most definitely!
On our last visit to Paisley, Meghan let me borrow the strainer you can stick fruit/veggies in. This has become his teething ring! I usually put COLD canteloupe or honeydew in it and he goes to town. I'll have to snap a picture next time. Thanks Meghan!

What else is new? Christian has become overly obsessed with buttons. Remote controls, his toys, Xbox buttons, Xbox controllers, Surround sound buttons, and the laptop. He will throw a fit if you don't let him play with it. The Easter bunny is supposed to be bringing him a toy phone ;), We'll see...

Today, was the biggest milestone of all. He officially crawled all the way across the living room floor. It was so cute. He "scoots" and drags one leg as if he's been wounded in a War or something. Rob got me a DVD Camcorder for Christmas and today, was the first time videotaped him! I know, I know, three months later...I'm slacking, no doubt.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Pics!

So, I tried to pick just a few...But I couldn't. So, here's all of them :)