Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Growing, Growing, Growing

Today Christian was seen for his 9 month checkup although he is only a little over 8 months. (I'm not sure why they scheduled it this early! Sorry Meghan and Andrea, I think those ladies that work the front desk are the rudest, un-friendliest human beings. And, I swear, I'm about to switch to our family doctor! They are so snotty! Anyways, the visit went great...Christian had a three hour nap prior to the appointment, so by the time we got back into the room, he was a wild child! Flipping and flopping all over the table, tearing the paper off the "bed", kicking, laughing, talking, etc! I don't know where all that excitement was about! Everytime the nurse would even glance at him, he was smiling and putting on a show of some sort! They loved him! He weighed in at 18 lbs. A 3 1/2 weight gain since the 6 month checkup. He is 28 inches long, in which that went up by 2 inches since his last visit! 75th percentile baby! He is very slender, but totally solid, and long! I asked about his eating habits and she gave us some tips and advice. I'll try the Yobaby yogurt this evening. He was a trooper after his Hep B immunization. Daddy had his crunchies in hand. He let out a very loud scream, and then Daddy comforted him. He always loves a crunchie! I wanted to take a pic while at the doctor's office but of course, I forgot the dang camera.

After his appointments, we have made it a ritual to eat lunch at Five Guys on State Street. If you haven't been there, it's the best burger in town. No joke. It's definitely worth a try. Christian slept the entire time, so Rob and I had a peaceful lunch together.

We had to go to Wal-Mart too of course. The one stop shop for everything. Rob and I enjoy browsing around though. We never manage to spend less than 150 on a single visit! I got some Yobaby Yogurt. Thanks Meghan for even telling me about it! Andrea-thanks for suggesting it. While writing this blog, Christian started throwing a fit. So, I tried the yobaby yogurt. He literally LOVED it and when he had ate the WHOLE container, he screamed for more. We settled for sweet potatoes and chicken. He wasn't having that though!

Once again, I was cancelled for work. On any given night, I'm super thrilled for that! But not when my paycheck comes! Rob laughs at me because everytime they call to cancel I get thrilled! Thank goodness he has a good job and doesn't get cancelled! Ha! Tonight is American Idol and its about to come on, so I gotta run!