Monday, July 20, 2009

Little Rider

Rob and I have been looking for the perfect birthday gift for Christian. Last week we spent about two hours playing, testing and browsing toys at Toys R' Us. We had picked a similar ride on toy out at Target, but after reading reviews online, it didn't seem too safe or worth the money. (It was a little smaller than this one, and it was not power.) So, we decided against it. After our trip to Toys R' Us, we liked their version of the power wheel and it seemed safer because there is a plastic barrier between his feet and the wheels. We decided not to purchase it last Sunday because we wondered if he was too small to actually enjoy it. All week long, Rob and I got more excited and decided that he would "grow into it." We were not going to get it just yet, but when the Sunday paper came out, it was marked 40.00 off! Plus, I had a coupon for 5.00 off. So, It was a for sure buy! Little did we know, he already knows how to ride it, push the button himself, and he absolutely loves it! While it charged (it takes 18 hours on the first charge, so we didn't get to play with it until today.) But, we let him sit on it. He was such a natural! So, today I got off, and we took him for his first spin on it! Thanks Papaw Rick for assembling! I'll update the blog later this week with stuff that has been going on in our lives for the past two weeks. Summer School is ALMOST over, so it's been hectic. Looking forward to some time off that's for sure! Enjoy the pics!!

Getting rev'd up!!

The picture below is so adorable! He was so excited. And Rob and I were too!

Daddy being a little precautious!

When we would help him steer, he would let go and throw a fit. He wanted NO help whatsoever. I mean he is ALMOST ONE. haha. And we thought he wouldn't enjoy it...hah!

I can't believe our baby boy is turning ONE in two weeks. It has been so much fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One of his favorite things to do is pull off all the DVD's from the bookshelf. Here he is about to get in "trouble :)" and is quickly crawling away from the scene!

Mashed Taters!

Rob went to the grocery to pick up some items we needed. While gone, Christian and I dipped into the mashed potatoes a little early. He got his own bowl and spoon.

The spoon didn't last long before it was on the floor! All fingers baby!

Want some Mommy?

He loved it, and I couldn't help but laugh. Rob about had a fit when he came walking in. Mashed TATERs were everywhere! Needless to say, I was the one in charge of his bath on this night. (The baths are usually on Rob, because it hurts my back to have to bend down that long after breaking it. But Rob bathes him, and then I take over with lotion, powder, and dressing. ANd then usually 4-5 bedtime stories!) But, since I instigated the mess, He insisted it was my responsibility. Oh was fun!

Christian's First Swim!

We finally found some time to get to "Mamaw Sherry's" for a quick swim. He absolutely loved it. Camie had a blast with him, and he loved her too!

He loved splashing around...I think he would have swam across the pool if he could have. He is definitely going to be a little water bug!

Reaching for something he's not supposed to have no doubt, and driving Mamaw Sherry crazy at the same time! haha.

Christian in his (lady) bug. It was all Meijers had left. We had to sacrifice. We called it the "boy"
bug all day so he wouldn't take offense. :)

Becoming such a big boy...standing tall...

Happy First Father's Day Rob! We spent father's day at Rob's Nana's house. We were able to visit with his grandpa Bob (Grandaddy) and most of Rob's family. It was a great visit, and as always, great food! We went for a quick visit that afternoon to see my Dad at his house. We weren't able to stay too long as I had homework to do, and a full day of work ahead of me. But, it was a nice visit. Here are some pics of Christian and Rob!

This is the most funniest face I have ever seen. Makes me crack up everytime I look at it!

His shirt says "Big Man on the Court!" haha!

Happy Father's Day Rob! Christian is very lucky to have a daddy like you. I appreciate all the help you give to me in raising such a lovable handsome boy.

Sidenote: On Father's day, I recieved the great news that LaCinda is expecting her first baby! We are soooooo excited for Cinda and Brian. They are going to make such awesome parents. And, I'm looking so forward to all of our playdates and Mommy nights! YAY!!!!

Leslie's baby shower

Leslie and Terry will be welcoming Baby Noah to their family very soon! To congratulate Leslie and to celebrate the upcoming arrival, Christian and I attended her baby shower on June 7th. It was held at her sister's house in Charlestown, and was very cute! Lots of people and a fun time for the babies. As soon as Christian and I got home, he took a nap for four hours... Here he is wiped out. He couldn't even finish his "Baaabaa!" (once again, pics in reverse order but I'm too stubborn to delete them and reload just go backwards. haha.)

Whitney getting in a little play time with Christian. She looks natural at this Mommy thing doesn't she?! (hint, hint) :)

Khirstin playing with the babies!

And, my most favorite picture of all, The breakfast club! Most of our friends have had their first baby, getting ready to have their first baby, or working on having their first baby! haha! I can't wait to get a picture of ALL of the babies! Here is Mickey's son Landon, Jamie's daughter Kensley, Leslie and Khirstin's nephew, Jake, and Christian. Wish we could have got Megan's son Emerson in there!


For my cousin Amber's graduation party, they had a bouncy for the kids. After the big kids got tired, Isaac (Candace's Son) allowed Christian to come in and play. He asked me to take a picture of him holding the ball on Christian's of course I agreed. He got the biggest laugh out of this and then after seeing the picture said that, "Christian looks like a chef!" A chef?! maybe the ball on the head, resembles a tall chef's hat! Kids and their imaginations...

Christian didn't seem to care much. Cutest little chef I've ever seen if I must say!

He LOVED being able to crawl around in the Bouncy!
Isaac and Ava played so good with him. He was chasing after Isaac I'm sure!

I think he's thinking, "Wow, Mommy, do you think we can get one of these for my birthday?" It's a done deal son! I hope you have just as much fun on your birthday with it as you did on this day...

Sidenote: Congratulations Amber on graduating! Wish you the best during your college years! We had an awesome time at your party!

Mamaw and Papaw's visit and some other randoms...

My Mom and Stepdad were able to come home and visit us for almost a week at the end of May.
Christian hung out with Mom on the days I had school. They had a good time watching Shrek, shopping, and just hanging out. We all went fishing on the Saturday they were here. My grandparents, Mom and Dave, Christian, Rob and myself. Christian loved being outdoors, and it was just hot enough to enjoy it. We were all worn out by the end of the night. We always enjoy their visits, and wish they were able to come home more often.

Ironically, everytime we spent time with them, I forgot the camera, but I managed to capture some pics the night before they left. Here are a few pics of our last dinner on this visit.

Rob and Christian...

Dave, Myself, Rob, Mom, Christian, My brother Danny and my Auntie Brenda.

Bubby and his FAVORITE Mamaw!

I love Christian's face in this one! He and Papaw Dave hung out quite a bit on this visit! They are both such riots!

Christian with Mamaw and Papaw...
We love you guys, and hope to see you soon!
As I was shopping one day, I came across these pajamas... I could not pass them up...
My superhero! Have you ever seen a Superhero this adorable?

Flying in to Mommy...

It even has a cape...

I could kiss this face forever and ever. He's such a cute little boy. I wish he could stay at this stage forever and ever!

Playing at Papaw Ricks...

Ahhh...Finally an update. I logged on a few days ago to see what's new in your world, and realized that it has been 5 weeks since I have posted anything. Really? 5 weeks?! We have been so busy lately, that I haven't had much free time. School, 2 part-time jobs, and an 11 month will keep you going, thats for sure! So, today, I'm devoting a little time to this. Christian is asleep, so I'm hoping I get through this before his nap is up!
Christian has become a very "active" little man. He is walking along furniture, and has taken a few steps on his own. He is into everything! Toilets, cabinets, drawers, bookshelves, etc. He babbles on and on all the time. Still no teeth, but he is eating MUCH MUCH better. We are starting to introduce Whole Milk as of today. It will be such a relief to not have to dish out 21.49 each week for formula. We gave him 3 oz. today and he drank all of it, with no problem! YAY! I was hesitant, because I didn't want to upset his stomach, so maybe tomorrow, we'll add a little more. My mom swears by "PINK MILK"...aka...Nestle Strawberry. So, if all else fails, we may add a touch of that. Apparently I drank it til I was 5. hah!
Since I have school two days a week, and usually work the other three days on first shift, we have to find a babysitter. Thankfully, my grandma Pat (Mom's Mom) has helped out! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Mamal! Christian enjoys coming to play with you and with PeeWee (dog). Every morning when I pull up, Christian hears him barking and starts looking for him before I even get him out of the carseat! He is at the separation anxiety stage and has started to cry when I leave. It is so hard, and usually I just have to make a run for it, and then I always look back, and wish I could stay with him. Usually I end up in tears too. But I know eventually, I will get to be with him more when I'm finished with school. I just have to sacrifice. But somedays, I just don't want to. Rob works third shift, and usually gets off between 10:30am and 11:30am, so Christian is with one of us all but 4 hours of the day. So, that makes me feel better. Thanks Rob, for being such a great daddy. I know those afternoons are hard to keep him after you've worked all night and I'm not able to be here til 4 or later. Rob's cousins Tia and Brandi have helped us out many mornings and we appreciate that so much. Missi, my cousin has also kept him a couple mornings. We truly appreciate all your help. It's hard to leave your child with anyone, but it helps knowing he is with family, and well taken care of. Thank you for sacrificing your time.

He turns 11 months on Sunday! Wow, a year really has almost gone by. HOW CRAZY TIME FLIES. It has been so much fun to see him advance to different stages, but sad in a sense too. He once loved his small Elmo rattle, blocks, and he's onto bigger and better toys and wants nothing to do with them! He has the Bathketball toy, and just last week, grabbed the ball and made a "SLAM DUNK!" Wow, what a smart little cookie I have raised! We cheered as if he had just won a game! Hopefully, that will be the first of many SLAM DUNKS! His daddy sure would be proud if so!

We have started planning his first birthday party. It's going to be a big celebration! A first birthday is important! We are planning to have it at my Dad's house on Aug. 8th. We are getting one of those huge-blowup-bouncy things ( for lack of a better term), a cornhole tournament for adults, some water activities and some other fun baby stuff. We are grilling out and also having the traditional Cake/Ice Cream festivities. Christian loved the bouncy at my cousin Amber's graduation party, and all he did was crawl around in it. So, I think all the kids will enjoy it. We are inviting all friends/family, so it's sure to be a bash. Good food, friends, family, and fun. I'm more excited than anyone I think! I have so many pictures to post, I guess I'll just begin. They are over the last month or so...