Sunday, May 17, 2009

A little update on us...

This is what we find after a nap and early morning! Since, I have got behind a little lately, I will give you some updates.
Autumn- I have accepted a Nurse Extern Position on Labor and Delivery at Floyd Memorial while I return to school to finish my RN. I will be in school full-time starting next Tuesday, May 26th! I will graduate in May 2010! So, for a year, if I'm MIA, I'm probably really just in a corner trying to study, sleep or eat! If any of you have ever attended Nursing school, you know that it becomes your whole life. It consumes you from the minute you begin until you accept that pin in the end. You live and breathe Nursing school.
Rob was around when I completed my LPN, and he knows just how hard it is. He is very VERY supportive of me returning, and for that I am so thankful. He is an awesome study partner, and sometimes I think he "gets it" better than I do. We have already purchased a bulk box of Notecards! I am a little worried about finding balance between school, studying, time for my baby boy, Rob, and my 2 part-time jobs. I know that sounds like a whole lot, and it is, but my work schedule is extremely flexible. I am only required to work 3 shifts/month at Southern Indiana Rehab (SIRH), and 24 hours per 2 weeks at Floyd. Nursing school is only a year and it has been a LIFELONG dream to complete this. I can handle a year, especially since it means that I will be able to provide a better future for my son as it will enable me to give him everything he needs in life to be successful.
Rob-He has been spending a lot of time with us around the house, and is always a big help with keeping the housework up. Even if it means loading/unloading the dishwasher! Which, to mention, he absolutely despises! He has been able to go fishing several times since we've had beautiful weather lately. It is always nice to get away from everything just for a short while and do something you love. And, I know he enjoys it! He is still working third shift. He has been working it for 6 years now, and it's starting to get old. He was promoted to a Service Manager in 2007, and we're hoping for another promotion within the next few months :)
Christian- Well, he continues to surprise us everyday. Let's see, what has he done lately that is new? He waves goodbye and Hi now. He has learned "No" and continues to shake his head back and forth and smiles. It melts my heart. When I sing pat-a-cake to him, he begins to clap his hands. He hasn't quite mastered the "roll em up" part, but I know it is only a matter of days. He is pulling up on furniture and walking aside it. He crawls so fast now! We are still struggling with getting him to eat food, but we've just kinda relaxed somewhat. He is still taking the bottle, and will eat a few new things. Today, we managed to get him to eat half a jar of sweet potatoes! We were happy! Usually he makes an awful taste and then locks his mouth! He is more impressed with holding the spoon, and would rather feed himself than for anyone else to! We have began to notice that he will pick everything up with his left hand. If he picks it up with his right, he switches it to the left almost instantly. When he reaches for things, it is with his left hand. We're thinking he is going to be a LEFTIE!! He has started to show a little bit of attitude and it is so cute. For instance, if he doesn't want the bottle, he will smack it away. He loves to get his diaper changed, but won't let you put one on him without a fight :) He has became very loving lately. He wraps his arms around our necks and opens his mouth, as if he is giving kisses away. He is so well mannered. We hope it stays that way through the toddler years and thereafter! We can only hope!

First Ice Cream Cone!

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, Rob and I decided to take Christian out for his very first Ice Cream cone. Rob's Mom (Gigi) came along to indulge with us and witness the cutest little ice cream eater ever! I was not sure how this would go over! Expecting the worst, I packed a wet washcloth, an extra bib, a change of clothes, and extra wipes. Little did I know, all we needed was the washcloth! He was such a modest little man! These pictures are once again in backwards order, but they are FINALLY posted at least :)

We were so proud of him for holding his cone all by himself.

The above picture is what was left! He loved it obviously!

It's moments like this that makes me so happy to be a Mommy. Who knew that a trip to Zesto would end up being so much fun. I have a feeling it was one of many trips there in the years to come! (Papaw Dave bought him this bib while we were in Florida!) I think it's cute!

This was his very first taste!(Well, that is minus the ice cream Mamaw Rosie gave him in Florida while visiting! This picture should have been first...but ya know...:0

This was a random evening, it was too cute not to post! Ironically, the kid loves wearing hats!!