Sunday, April 12, 2009

Date Night!

Rob's cousin, Tia is home from Ball State and wanted to spend some time with Christian, so we took advantage of the offer and had "Date Night!" Rob turns the big 2-6 tomorrow, so we celebrated together tonight since tomorrow is filled with Easter festivities!

We had dinner at Red Lobster. I had NEVER been there, and I really enjoyed it. We sat in the bar area, which we never do! But it was kind of fun in a weird way. I felt like we were really "Living on the Edge!" Haha! Funny how things change over time. Who knew! We even ordered an appetizer. Something we only do on "special" occasions! LoL!

After eating, we were on a hunt for a new entertainment center. The one we have does the job, but it's not very sturdy. And, I've never really liked it because it's open and you can see all the wires. Since Christian has just started crawling, it was time to invest in something a little more secure. We also set out to buy some items to "baby-proof" our place. We started at Target, but ended up deciding to check Wal-Mart out before making the purchase.

At Wal-Mart we found one we fell in love with ironically. It had a closed back that would hide all the wires/cords, a shelf for the Xbox, cable box, Wii, and surround sound. It also had two drawers that would be perfect for video games and controllers! (One of my pet peeves is the controllers laying everywhere!) It was also the dark brown or espresso, which one day I hope to have all our furniture in that color.

So, after making the decision to buy it, Rob searches for a salesman. He returns about five minutes later with the most trailer-trash-hillbilly-country-talking lady I have ever seen! Surprise, they don't have any more in stock. We even offered to take the display with minor scratches and all, but she "Can't sell us that cause then they woodn't have one for display when they get their shipment in."
So we thanked her for her time and she walked off.

"I'm pretty sure my IQ just decreased just by talking to that lady!"-Rob

So needless to say, we didn't get the one that was the perfect fit, but we did manage to get one that was decent for 140 dollars less.

Some may think our date night was lame, but we both enjoyed our time alone. We didn't rush around, we got to browse the aisles, and we laughed the whole night. It was a much needed night for the both of us!

After we were done shopping, we went to pick Christian up. He must have had a good time because he didn't even wake up when I took him out of the car seat! He almost never does that. Thanks Tia for watching him. We hope you guys had fun playing together!

I'm off to bed for now...Easter is tomorrow and I don't want to be tired! Happy 26th Birthday Babe!