Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I need help blogging! Can you help me?

Haven't really had much time to mess with this, and when I do, it makes me angry. Questions I have...

1. How do I arrange pictures? See previous posts. Pictures are posted but the comments that go with the pictures are all messed up!

2. How do I add my "favorite blogs" where it will show the latest blog entry by each one?

I know I have more, but those are the 2 main ones that are causing me grief! :) Any help is greatly appreciated!

Girls Night...

Ok, so I've managed to let 2 weeks slip right by me...ahh! Well, lots of things to blog about, and it may be all mixed up, but I'll at least get them on here! Lets see, back on April 24, I had some girlfriends from high school over for a "Girls Night In". I invited about 15, and 9 showed up! It was fun regardless, and I can't wait to do it again! Here are a few pics...

The meal was a house salad, breadsticks, Broccoli(which we cooked and then set in the microwave to keep it warm, and eventually ended up forgeting about it!). For dessert, we were attempting to have Chocolate fondue, but it scorched and ruined it from the start, so instead, we had all the dippers! Still good, but would have been much better with chocolate! Everyone brought their favorite beverage to share... We had a mix of wines, pina colada mix, and Meghan brought her entire liquor cabinet. We weren't into much drinking, so we have plenty for next time ;)

Mickey, Whitney, Amy & Jamie. My table was so much fun to decorate!

I made this sign for the front door!

We started the night off mingling and catching up. Then dinner. After dinner we relaxed in the living room, soaking our feet in foot tubs and passed around old pictures. I had a blast reminicing. I can't really believe we graduated almost 7 years ago. It doesn't seem possible! It was interesting to learn how those of us are Moms now are dealing with Motherhood and learning everyones tricks of the trade!
Around midnight, most of us loaded up in Whitney's car and headed to Dixie Highway for some Bingo. I was a bit nervous, knowing that people at Bingo are really "avid" bingo players, and we were about to cause some ruckus! Actually, it ended up turning out that everyone was well behaved :) I think everyone enjoyed it! And, I walked away 200.00 richer! :) Can't wait for the next girls night!