Thursday, March 26, 2009


I had to post this's so cute!! Think he was a little pooped out? :)

Play Date with Alex

The Boys!
Alex giving Christian some Love!

Christian and Daddy!


Alex being such a big boy standing all on his own at 7 months!

I wish Christian would have been looking in this, but it's still cute of the two of them!

Rob and his friend Garrett have been friends since 8th grade. Garrett is married to Angie, and they have two children, Isabella (Izzy 21 months and Alexander (Alex 7 months). They live on the same street as us and come down frequently. We're pretty much all family. Garrett brought Alex down today to play with Christian for a bit, and to eat dinner with us. Mmmm, dinner, which Rob prepared all of it (Even better huh?), was delicious. He made fried chicken, sweet potatoes covered with marshmallows, green beans, and homemade cornbread! It was all really delicious! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful chef in my house :)

A few recent pics to share!

Does this not remind you of the cutest little old man ever?! He's so funny with his expressions! His first day sitting up on his own!
I absolutely love this pic! He is a little Rob, but he did manage to get my eye color! His hair is a little wild these days...He got a haircut the next day after this picture.

He loves his "Jumpin' Johnny!"

I couldn't help but share a few pics of my pride and joy...


Well, I've finally given in to this...I've been following a few people's blogs, and finally decided it's time I start "archiving" all the special moments that are happening. Christian will be 8 months next week and that is AMAZING in its self. He has learned to sit up all by his self, and he is now able to hold his bottle! YAY! Today we had a playdate with Paisley (Meghan & Rodney Crosier's little girl). Meghan and I got to talk about our upcoming girls night party too!

Paisley is just a little over 15 months old. She enjoyed having Christian there I think! She has learned what eyes, ears, nose, etc. are and she enjoyed "pointing" (poking) Christian's body parts! It was cute. She thought he was a baby doll and tried to pick him up a few times. It was adorable. She would "love" on him and even gave him hugs and kisses! When it was nap time, she grabbed her all pink blanket and covered him up. It was sweet! (Good thing he doesn't know colors yet huh?!)

I had been looking so forward to this day, as I knew I could get some really cute pics of the two of them having their second play date! Guess what? On top of packing the kitchen sink and bottles, bumbo, extra set of clothes and enough formula/food for the day; I managed to forget the camera. Meghan was able to snap a few photos though, so when she emails me them, I will post some!

Thanks Meghan for a great time today. Catching up is always nice, and the Mexican Lasagna was delicious! After our playdate we met up with Ernie at El Nopalito! It was nice to see him as well. Since becoming a parent, it has been hard to find time to get together with everyone. We even ran into a few others I hadn't seen in quite some time! I had a wonderful time visiting, other than getting sick after El Nop. I could have had a much better ending to a wonderful day had I not felt so sick afterwards!

Just wanted to say Thanks to Andrea Utley for all her posts that keep me laughing. You really were the inspiration to my commitment to this blog. You have made me laugh out loud so many times with recent "Abby moments" and Olivia as she grows! Christian and Olivia seem to have similar personalities and are doing about the same things! Your blogs are so interesting, I hope that I manage it as well as you!