Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day and Rob's Birthday!

Easter was spent with both sides of our families. First we went to My Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs...and then off to Rob's Mom's House. It was nice to get to see the ones that were at each. We ate great food all day, it was nice! We finally arrived home around 6pm. I guess all that good food got to us, we all 3 took a 3 1/2 hour nap! A few pics from my Grandma's...

My Aunt Cindy...She's a favorite!!

My Brother Danny and I. I don't think he knew how to tie the tie, or else, he thought he was cool leaving it like this...It was like this the entire day...LOL. Love you Brother.

Our attempt of a decent family picture! (Loving the 70's pic of my G'ma and G'pa in the background...Ha!)

My silly Cousin Meg, Christian, and I

Grandma Pat with 2 of the 9 GREAT Grandbabies! Korrina and Christian...

Ooo Mommy can we have Mashed Taters again!! No puking these up! He devoured two big spoonfuls!

This is at home right before he got his Easter basket from the Easter bunny...

I LOVE this pic! I was bringing the basket to him! He was so excited!

The Easter bunny had a special delivery for him. An Elmo book all the way from Florida! (Thanks Mamaw and Papaw!)

(Notice in this pic his left foot...He HATES to have socks on. I had just got him dressed and this was MAYBE five minutes later...already trying to weasel his foot out of it!)

Daddy you aren't getting any of my Easter Candy! Aka...Gerber snacks!

He got some new Fruit punch juice to try, Gerber Crunchies, yogurt melts, wheels, Fisher Price stacker, Elmo book, Elmo Live (Which we gave him about a month ago! Absolutely LOVES IT!!), Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs gave him some Loot for his piggy bank, and Mamaw Frances got him an easter basket filled with goodies, and also some moolah. GiGi (Rob's Mom) got him some books too! Only 8 months and made out like a champ!

Out of everything, He enjoyed the 0.39 cent grass the most...go figure! But before bed we sat down to read, "In Elmo's Easter Parade." We needless to say read it three times. He's so content and really just sits on your lap like he's a big kid. It's kinda scary how well behaved he is. I'm nervous about the next one...He/She might be a Hellion!! <--(Is that even a word? Or just some Country saying?! ha, who knows!)

After our nap, Daddy and Christian finished assembling the Entertainment Center. Check out my little Carpenter...