Monday, July 20, 2009

Little Rider

Rob and I have been looking for the perfect birthday gift for Christian. Last week we spent about two hours playing, testing and browsing toys at Toys R' Us. We had picked a similar ride on toy out at Target, but after reading reviews online, it didn't seem too safe or worth the money. (It was a little smaller than this one, and it was not power.) So, we decided against it. After our trip to Toys R' Us, we liked their version of the power wheel and it seemed safer because there is a plastic barrier between his feet and the wheels. We decided not to purchase it last Sunday because we wondered if he was too small to actually enjoy it. All week long, Rob and I got more excited and decided that he would "grow into it." We were not going to get it just yet, but when the Sunday paper came out, it was marked 40.00 off! Plus, I had a coupon for 5.00 off. So, It was a for sure buy! Little did we know, he already knows how to ride it, push the button himself, and he absolutely loves it! While it charged (it takes 18 hours on the first charge, so we didn't get to play with it until today.) But, we let him sit on it. He was such a natural! So, today I got off, and we took him for his first spin on it! Thanks Papaw Rick for assembling! I'll update the blog later this week with stuff that has been going on in our lives for the past two weeks. Summer School is ALMOST over, so it's been hectic. Looking forward to some time off that's for sure! Enjoy the pics!!

Getting rev'd up!!

The picture below is so adorable! He was so excited. And Rob and I were too!

Daddy being a little precautious!

When we would help him steer, he would let go and throw a fit. He wanted NO help whatsoever. I mean he is ALMOST ONE. haha. And we thought he wouldn't enjoy it...hah!

I can't believe our baby boy is turning ONE in two weeks. It has been so much fun!


  1. Adorable!!!! I love that he knows how to ride it. Pretty talented for an almost one year old. Hard to believe!!!! By the way, we are on our way to Myrtle Beach. 2:45 am and still a few hours left!! Check the blog for beach pics this week! Danny and Stella and the kids have been here since Saturday. We are sooo excited to join them! Miss you best friend!!! See you at Christian's b-day party if not before! Ready to buy a cute boy toy! Love ya!!!!